Connect and manage any transaction using our Secure Deal Room


DealConnect™ is a secure, intuitive virtual deal room software that makes even complex litigations easy. Learn more or contact us for a free demo.

DealConnect™ makes M&A due diligence, real estate transactions, financial restructuring, legal settlements and complex litigation easy! This one off-configuration offers a diverse set of features and enables you to easily assemble your team, share, track and control documents, while providing the required levels of access, enterprise level security, powerful search capabilities, granular permissions and a complete audit trail, creating a competitive advantage for managing successful transactions on time and under budget.


Secure Document Collaboration

Securely access, share, edit, track, manage and control complex folder structures and documents, assign rights and permissions, use watermark controls and automatic redline tools to compare changes.


Enterprise Level Security

We understand the importance of confidentiality and security for your deal room, including encryption and granular access control. All of your data is hosted in a secure, enterprise grade facility.


Easy to Deploy and Use

Launch DealConnect instantly, duplicate folder structures add documents and stage it prior to launch. The interface is incredibly easy to use, requiring little to no IT resources and includes a library of deal room templates to meet any accelerated timeline.

Real-Time Communications

Receive notifications immediately or with a daily digest to keep everyone informed on changes, updates and status.


Access Anytime, Anywhere

Manage all aspects of your transaction through your computer, tablet or mobile device, providing convenience, while saving time & money.


Powerful Search

Easily search any document with a powerful search engine that includes both Boolean logic & contextual search, saving valuable time when it comes to finding and organizing diverse content into discrete, customizable binders or folders.






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